Calling All Artists: Mural Contest in Portage Park


Novak Construction, Six Corners Association, and OIPA (“The Committee”) are joining together to fund a painted mural on the south wall underneath the train tracks near W. Irving Park Rd. and N. Kolmar Ave. (opposite the new bird mural on the north wall). See below for details about the project and how to submit your designs.


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Irving Park @ Kolmar – South Wall

  • CALL TYPE: Public art – paid
  • ENTRY DEADLINE: June 6, 2022
  • WINNER ANNOUCNED: June 13, 2022



  • Artists need not be able to paint the mural (Arts Alive Chicago will ensure its execution)
  • Artist is asked to submit a concept sketch
  • Artist may choose to add a short description
  • Artist may choose to include work samples by the artist
  • All submissions shall include: name of artist and contact information.
  • Artists may submit multiple designs for consideration
  • Artist will be paid a flat fee for design if their design is selected
  • Artist may paint their mural but is not obligated to paint
  • A small stipend will be paid to the one who paints the mural
  • If artist chooses to paint, mural must be painted in a timely manner according to protocols identified by Arts Alive Chicago
  • Selected artist may be asked for a revision
  • Arts Alive Chicago will supervise the execution of the mural
  • The Committee reserves the right to not select any art



  • The wall measures 12’ x 100’ and is composed of multiple stone surfaces
    • The east 50’ are rough-hewn stone and the west 50’ are pock-marked concrete. It is recommended that the design not be highly detailed on the portion of the wall that is rough-cut stone that is difficult to paint
  • The wall and sidewalk are raised (about 10’) above the road surface
    • It is recommended that the artwork be designed for both the pedestrians who are at eye level and the traffic below.
  • The wall is under the train tracks, but open to fresh air and light, and is well lit at night by halogen street lighting
  • We will schedule at least one community paint day to meet/work with the artist



All submissions must be electronic

  • Artists must submit a cover letter to and include:
    • Name and contact information
    • Identifying list of the designs if more than one
    • Short description of the design of what you’d like us to notice
  • Please submit proposals by email with “Irving Park/Kolmar Mural” in the message line.
  • Final selection will be made by The Committee.
  • Artists will be notified through email and specific future arrangements will be made at that time.