Diversity & Inclusion

We commit to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in our daily work.

By The Hand Club Moving Everest Charter School Grand Opening in 2019


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Novak Construction has built our business and community around the diverse voices and perspectives of our employees, clients, and partners. We are committed to creating a workplace environment where everyone feels accepted, heard, and appreciated. Our leadership has actively worked to build a workplace at Novak Construction that is comprised of strong individuals from diverse backgrounds. We believe that diversity drives innovation, and we are constantly bettering our workplace to utilize the perspectives and life experiences our employees and subcontractors bring to the table each day. We believe in striving for a world where everyone has equal access to opportunity. We commit to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in our daily work. To truly strive for a world with equal opportunity, we have, for years, been working with minority- and women-owned organizations to help elevate their voices and promote their projects and companies. These relationships have resulted in partnerships with businesses and the people behind these companies who became valued and trusted colleagues.

Civic Engagement

Novak Construction believes in investing in the communities in which we work and live. Our clients and the neighborhoods we service reflect the diverse population of this country. We proudly invest time and energy in getting to know the people we are working for to better understand our clients’ vast cultures. In doing so, we have created lasting relationships with groups that are creating programs and opportunities for the next generation. We are proud of our 10-year relationship with ‘By The Hand Club For Kids’ and its affiliates that have been providing after-school mentorship and activities for children living in underserved communities throughout Chicago. Nurturing our relationships with groups like ‘By The Hand Club For Kids’ brings us a great deal of hope that we are on the cusp of change in our society and reminds us of the variety of ways we can be involved in our communities.

Subcontractor & Supplier Engagement

Novak Construction’s equal opportunity bidding processes and preconstruction outreach to local vendors, subcontractors, and members of the trades provide line-of-sight to upcoming project opportunities. At Novak Construction, we believe supporting and helping elevate minority- and women-owned businesses are critical to creating a strong network to better service our clients. We believe it is important that our subcontractors and employees are representative of the communities in which we operate. We work closely with our clients and local neighborhoods to best understand the specific needs of our projects in order to formulate a project-specific hiring plan.

An Equitable Future

We strive to make equitable decisions in all aspects of our business including our partnerships. We believe these efforts are crucial for the well-being of the future of our company and community as a whole. By investing in small businesses and minority-owned businesses, we demonstrate the importance of such partnerships and the positive results that equitable decisions can have. In looking for new partnerships, we assess the mission, vision, and values of each company to ensure a focus on diversity and community advancement.

Novak Taking Action

  • Maintaining a workforce comprised of 20% women and 17% non-Caucasian
  • Celebrate Women In Construction Week by highlighting the accomplishments of our female team members
  • Donate funds and laborer services for By The Hand Club For Kids’ initiatives and events
  • Donate funds to the MG2 Foundation’s Swing For The Cure event in support of Susan G. Komen’s mission to help fund research, advocacy, and treatment for women in need
  • Constructed a 48,000-square-foot Jewel-Osco grocery store in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood, the neighborhood’s first full-service grocery store in over 40 years
  • One of five winners nationally of the 2020 Audrey Nelson Community Development Award for our Pearl Street Commons project, an honor acknowledging communities that exemplify outstanding achievement in service to neighborhoods and lower-income residents through innovative and quality programmatic efforts improving lives throughout the United States
  • Completed a remodel project at the Community Center at Erie Neighborhood House, a social services nonprofit organization providing the most comprehensive support immigrant and low-income families in Chicago need to thrive
  • Annually hand-deliver holiday gifts to Lawrence Hall, a social services organization delivering high-quality care to abused and neglected youth and their families throughout the Chicago metropolitan area